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Essential Reasons to Study the Word of God

The study of the word of God, praying, fellowshipping and caring for the needy are the main things that make the faith of a Christian to be firm. Christian faith cannot be built without the word of God, in fact, the His word says that faith is built by hearing and hearing the word of God. So studying the bible and studying the word of God is the key pillar for the growth of a Christian. The Bible contains the mind of god for you. In it, you are going to hear and get the voice of your creator. It is actually very interesting to let your children grow also in the knowledge of God. In the word of God, you are going to get the answers to every question that you might be having. There are numerous reasons why you should make it a habit to study the word of God. Analyzed below are some of the considerable reasons why it is essential to study the bible as the word of God on a regular basis.

The word of God is infallible
There is no mistake in the word of God. According to the Bible, the word of God is pure. It nourishes the spirit when you are downhearted and you are able to pick yourself and move on.

The word of God is complete
You need nothing else to be added to the bible because it is complete as it is. Nothing should be added or subtracted from it for that matter. All you need is the word of God as it is written in the bible.

The word of god is totally authoritative
It is clear to the Christians that the word of God is God Himself. When he says that he is the healer, you just need to take the word as it is and speak it to the sick and wait for a miracle. You can only know the authority that you are given by Jesus by reading the bible at There are a lot of areas that you are going to be set free by knowing the power in the authority of the word of God like being set free from poverty, being forgiven, daily guidance and many more things.

The word of God is sufficient for all your needs
You actually need nothing else. You can stay contented and secure in the word of God because it is the plan of your maker.

The word of God will definitely accomplish what it promises
If God tells you to pray and have faith in something, just be certain that the thing will happen. Visit Water From Rock.

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