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The Importance of Advent Devotionals during Christmas Season

During this Christmas season, it is essential for Christians to reflect on what is the true meaning of Christmas. Often people are caught in festivities, shopping, visiting friends as well as participating in many other things. Their focus on the reason for this season tends to be lost. Water from Rock ministries which its principal agenda is to assist the Christian to have a renewal in their spirit have come up with an advent devotional. This gives Christians time to think about the good news of the impact that birth of Jesus has brought to the world. It shares the message of salvation and redemption of man from pangs of sin and death. It had introduced peace to humanity when the man and God became united.

Advent devotional is an open invitation for people to walk through the Christmas journey with gratitude in their hearts for what Christ contribution to millions of people in the world. The advent devotional helps us to understand that God has a grand plan for humanity. It shows how God is interested in the fellowship and relationship with human beings. It helps us to place our focus on the creator rather than the creation.

The advent devotional is a reminder of how humanity awaited Christ for years. People were eager to be emancipated by Jesus Christ. Generation after generation waited for the coming of the Messiah. It helps us to see the faithfulness of God's word that though it tallied, Christ came at the right time. Christians are also sure that his second coming will be happen prophesied in the scriptures.

Advent helps us to connect with the tradition of the first church. It is a reminder of their faithfulness to the cause of Christ. It presents a wonderful opportunity for us to be imitators of the men and women of God who did not spare their lives. It reminds of how they were united in purpose. It makes us yearn their fellowship where they met and broke break among themselves as instructed by Jesus on the last supper. The advent weekly devotional helps us not to ignore the wisdom of the saints who went to be with Lord.

Water From Rock
Advent devotionals teaches a Christian on the mercy of God. Despite man's sinfulness, God did not rush to punish humanity as they deserve. Rather he patiently offered them a chance to repent so that their sins could be wiped away. The precious blood of Jesus is the greatest indication of God's mercy in that he chose to die rather than see man perish.

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